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Novelty in the world of saunas - NANOHEAT

Инфракрасная сауна в Интерьере

The newly-designed product that appeared on the European market and represents the latest generation of the infrared saunas is the infrared cabin NANOHEAT. The designers of NANOHEAT cabins have succeeded in removing the drawbacks of previous designs, as well in taking account of the desires of the numerous infrared warmth admirers.

You won't notice the usual heaters in the new NANOHEAT cabins, as they are kept away under the boarding that covers all the walls and the ceiling. Inside the cabin there is ecological purity, spaciousness and the wonderful aroma of the Western Red Cedar!

The application of the high-accuracy technologies in the production of heaters allowed accelerating the warming up and achieving the higher heat output with the lower energy consumption.

NANOHEAT cabins are  free of «cold zones», as the heat is distributed absolutely evenly. The temperature of the wall surface can reach 80 degrees Celsius, which makes it possible for the admirers of hot baths also to enjoy the warmth of NANOHEAT.

Surely, each cabin is supplied with a two-sided control panel, a thermometer, a rug, towels with a logo, speakers, an antenna, a colour therapy device and other useful items.

How wonderful! - you would say. And what about the prices?

Well, they are unrivalled. As everything in NANOHEAT!


Three main benefits of NANOHEAT:

  • Environmental friendliness
    None of the infrared cabins (of equal size) has the same coverage of the Western Red Cedar. The interior of the cabin is fully made of wood. No synthetic elements are used  for cabin production.
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  • Technological effectiveness
    The application of high precision technologies allows for the control of the wave lengths, which are emitted by the heaters, and to guarantee the safety of the cabins for many years. The manual sorting and processing of the cedar make the cabins comparable to the luxurious furniture.
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  • Cost efficiency
    The application of carbon semi-conducting heaters gives the possibility to increase the speed of the cabin's warming-up and to reduce the electrical energy consumption for 15-20%. The up-to-date and  well-adjusted production of NANOHEAT cabins allows to achieve the main goal — THE BEST PRICES in their market segment!
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